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These are the names you can pick from for the club.
The taken name are in Purple. If I missed any important name please e-mail me and let me know.
After you have chosen your click on the NEXT button and fill
out the form.


Alex Tarrell
Alicia Foxworth
Amanda (Paul S.ís sister)
Amanda Biddens
Antonia Marquet (Toni)(TAKEN)
April Summers
Bart Scott Winslow Sr.
Bart Jr. Foxworth (Bart Jr.)(TAKEN)
Carrie Dollanganger
Cathy Leigh Foxworth Dollanganger Dahl Marquet Sheffield (TAKEN)
Chris Jr. Garland Foxworth Dollanganger Sheffield
Chris Sr. Garland Foxworth Dollanger
Cindy Sheffield (TAKEN)
Corrine Foxworth the First
Corrine Foxworth Winslow (TAKEN)
Cory Foxworth Dollanganger
Darren Marquet
Deirdre Marquet(TAKEN)
Emma Lindstrom
Garland Foxworth
Georges Rosencoff
Henrietta Beech (Henny)
Jim Johnston
Joel Foxworth
John Amos Jackson
Julia Sheffield
Julian Janus Marquet Sheffield (Jory)(TAKEN)
Julian Marquet Rosencoff (TAKEN)
Lacey St. John
Lance Spalding
Madan Zolta Korovenskov
Malcolm Neal Foxworth Sr.
Malcolm Neal Foxworth Jr.
Melodie Richarme Marquet(TAKEN)
Michael Michelle
Nicole Nikols
Olivia Winfield Foxworth (TAKEN)
Olsen (Gardener@Foxworth Hall)
Scotty Sheffield Sissy Towers
Alex Rockingham[Carrie's boyfriend]
Yolanda Lange