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These are the names you can pick from for the club.
The taken name are in Purple. If I missed any important name please e-mail me and let me know.
After you have chosen your click on the NEXT button and fill
out the form.


Abby Tyler
Annie Gray
Aubrey Renner
Beau Andreas
Bruce Bristow
Buck Darder (Mr. Mud)
Catherine Landry
Charles Dumas
Claude Avery
Daphne Dumas Bristow(TAKEN)
Dominique LeGrand
Dr. Jack Weller
Father Rush
Gabrielle Landry (Gabriel)(TAKEN)
George Denning
Gisselle Dumas Andreas
Gladys Tate
Jack Clovis
Jack Landry
James Pitot
Jean Andreas (Jean Jr.)
Jean Dumas (Jean Sr.)
Jeanne Tate Pitot
Louis Turnbull
Marie Lavuea (Voodoo Queen)
Martha Ironwood (The Iron Lady)
Miss Rachel Stevens
Mookie (Catherine Higgins)
Mrs. Penny
Mrs. Thibodeau
Octavious Tate
Paul Marcus Tate
Pearl Tate Andreas (TAKEN)
Pierre Andreas (Pierre Jr.) Pierre Dumas (Pierre Sr.)
Ruby Landry Tate Andreas (TAKEN)
Toby Tate