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These are the names you can pick from for the club.
The taken name are in Purple. If I missed any important name please e-mail me and let me know.
After you have chosen your click on the NEXT button and fill
out the form.


Adam Jackson
Alice Morgan Arlene O'Neil
Belinda Gordon
Billy Maxwell
Cary Logan
Charlie Dunn
Chester Logan
Christina Jackson
Congrassman Dunlap
Dorothy Littlefield
Edith Sanders
Georges O'Neill
Grant Childs
Haille Logan (TAKEN)
Holly Brooks
Jayne Royce
Judge Childs
Kenneth Childs
Laura Logan(TAKEN)
Lawrence Taylor
Louise Childs
Melody Logan (TAKEN)
Mama Arlene
May Logan
Megan Paxton
Michelle Jackson
Olivia Logan
Nelson Childs
Papa George
Richard Marlin
Robert Royce (TAKEN)
Roy Patterson
Samuel Logan
Sanford Jackson
Sara Logan
Teddy Jackson
Teresa Patterson