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These are the names you can pick from for the club.
The taken name are in Purple. If I missed any important name please e-mail me and let me know.
After you have chosen your click on the NEXT button and fill
out the form.

Shooting Stars

Rose Wallace
Ice Goodman
Honey Foreman
Cinnamon Carlson: Daughter of Taylor and Amber

Taylor Carlson: Husband to Amber; Son of Beverly; Father to Cinnamon
Amber Carlson: Wife to Taylor; Mother of Cinnamon
Grandmother Beverly Carlson: Wife to deceased Grandfather Carlson; Mother of Taylor
Ella Hamilton: Drama Teacher
Clarence Baron: Boyfriend/Best Friend to Cinnamon
Edith Booth: Student; Hall Monitor
Grandfather Carlson: Husband to Beverly; Father of Taylor
Aunt Lucille: Beverly's sister
Mr. Kaplan: Principal
Sacha: Miscarried daughter of Amber and Taylor
Mrs. Mendelson & Mrs. Fogelman: Head nurses at Chester Alton Psychiatric Hospital
Lindsey Baron: Clarence's sister
Mr. Posner: Co-worker of Taylor Carlson
Rachael: Patient at Psychiatric Hospital
Eddie Morris: Student; Bully
Mr. Jacobs: Teacher
Michael Baron: Clarence's father
Iris Ainsley: Student; Pretty senior
Dell Johnson: Student; Male lead in play
Edmond Senetsky: Theatrical Agent
Madame Senetsy: Edmond's mother; Owner of Senetsy School of Performing Arts
Grandma Gussie: Amber's grandmother
Ethel: Gussie's sister

Lena Goodman
Cameron Goodman
Balwin Noble
Mr. Noble
Mr.Glenn (Ice’s chorus teacher)
Mrs. White (1st grade teacher)
Doctor Lisa (Shrink)
Thelma Williams (Student)
Carla Thompson (Student)
Nona Lester (Babysitter)
Tania Gotchuck (Student)
Edith Merton (Student)
Louella Carter (Lena’s Friend)
Shawn (Army guy)
Dawn (Lena’s hairdresser)

Charles Wallace (Rose's Father)
Monica Wallace (Rose's Mother)
Evan Alden (Rose’s ˝ Brother)
Angelica Alden (Evan's Mother)
Charlotte Alden Curtis(Evan’s Aunt)
Barry Burton(Rose’s Boyfriend)
Paula Conrade (Student)
Mr. Potter (Rose's Teacher)
Mr. Kruegar (Mr. Wallace's Boss)
Jimmy Slater (Student)
Ed Wiley (Student)
Philip Marelow (Detective)
Nancy Sue (Servant)
Ames (Driver)
Carol Way English (Student)
Sister Howell(Teacher)
Miss Anderson (Rose's Dance Teacher)
Grover (Friend of CHarlottes')

Issaac Forman
Mrs. Forman
Simon Forman (Honey’s Uncle)
Peter Forman (Honey’s Uncle)
Abraham (HOney's Grandfather)
Tess Forman (Grandad's 1st wife)
Clayton (Tess's 1st husband/stepfather of Simon Forman)
Jennie Forman(Sister of Tess and Grandad's 2nd wife)
Ethel (Honey's mother's Aunt)
Clarence Wengrow (Honey's Music Teacher)
Chandler Maxwell (Honey’s Boyfriend)
Mr. Maxwell (Chandler's Dad)
Mrs. Maxwell (Chandler's Mom)
Karen Jacobs (Student)
Susie Weaver (STudent)
Janis Handley (Student)

Laura Fairchild (Madame’s Personal Assistant)
Steven Randolph Jesse (Madame’s Student)
Howard Rockwell III (Madame’s Student)
Larry Martin (Student)
Reuben Kotein (Student)
Tony Gibson (Student)
Gerta (Madame’s Daughter: Idiot Savant)
Brock Marlowe (Drama Coach at Madame’s)
Cameron Demetrius (Dance teacher at Madame’s)
Alfred Littleton (Vocal Coach at Madame’s)
Leonard Bergman (Instrumental and Piano Teacher at Madame’s)