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Meet the Orphans

Hi! I'm Butterfly! A friend of Melody. Don't freak my real name
is Janet Taylor but because I'm so small and I dance, my friends
named me Butterfly. I like that name better. Here you can learn
a little more about me and my friends.

The couple that adopted me chose little ballerina. The ballerina my adopted mother was suppose
to be. At first it was hard but I actually grew to like it. Until
that was all my mother wanted me live for. In the end my mother, who
was in a wheel chair, had a nervous break down because I had to go to
the hospital on the day I had a important ballet school audition. So my
adopted father, who was kinda nice and very rich sent back. That was
the first time.

Crystal was always a bright girl and she was lucky enough to get adopted by a family that was semi-normal
although she tells me her mother was a little too addicted to her
soap operas. She also got grandparents that were nice and wanted her.
Things would've worked out if her parents hadn't have had a little accident. :(

Like me Brook was chosen for her looks.
But, Brooke was born the athlete. Especially baseball but the family
that took her in wanted her to be a beauty queen. I think those contests
are silly. Anyway Brooke took things into her own hands and cut her long
hair, when she felt things just got out of hand. Her adopted mother had a
fit and sent her back.

Raven, is the only one of us that
even knew who her mother was. Unfortunately her mother was a drug
addict who had to go to a rehab center. Her mother told Raven's uncle
to take care of her. The bad thing is that Raven's uncle didn't like
Raven because her father, who she had never met, was a latino, and that
she grew up in the inner city. She was also severely abused by her uncle
physically and terrorized by her older cousin. She was, for a while actually
glad to be put in the system....for a while!

We could only take the system and our foster
parents and home for so long. This is when we took action and found
ourselves. I actually ended up getting adopted again by a wonderful Native
American couple who lived in the southwest. I love it there.

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