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Star's Wildflower Garden

Hi! I'm Star Fisher. Right now I'm visiting my friend Cat.
She's a ward of Dr. Marlowe's. I like looking at the flowers
growing. You don't get to see them that often where I'm from.
In a lot of ways the other OWPs and I are a lot like Flowers.
I guess that's why our garden means so much to me!!!

Meet Misty Foster: Misty is rich....She's also kinda the silly one in the group. She has trouble dealing with her parents divorce. Her father was seeing someone else and her mother was obsesed with her appearance. She's been through something with this one guy she liked and ended up in front of a judge.

Here is where I tell my story. It is completely opposite of Misty's. First of all I'm pretty much poor and I coudn't wait for my folks to get divorced. My mother was a drunk. After I started dating this one guy, he was put into a coma and then killed by his abusive father. I had a hard time dealing with his death so my Granny,who my mother dumped me and my brother on, got the state to pay for me to go to therapy.

This is Jade Lester: Another Rich girl. She can come off pretty darn snotty too when you first meet her. We didn't exactly hit it off. She went threw kinda the same problems as Misty did. Except she ranaway to meet a guy she met online who ended up kidnapping her and holding her hostage. She was lucky to get out of the situation.

Cat Carson has always been the quietest of us, but she has the most problems. She was sexually abused and taken advantage of by her adopted father....but she didn't know that at the time.

Cat has a problem. Her mother, who later turns out to be her adopted sister, ends up dead. Cat doesn't want to go into the system so she calls, Misty, Jade and Me. What do we do? Bury her in the backyard. I'm not going to tell you the rest. You have to read our stories to find.

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